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2017設計主題:「 另一個生命 /ANOTHER LIFE 」


所属系列:「 出砖入石 」之 「 簡入 」



The spring return to earth, the recovery of all things, natural and simple, as the poet's pen said, "sudden spring breeze". Spring is the arrival of Jane, but the result is a hundred flowers bloom.




Hiding in the winter heating room, accidentally pushed open the window, break in is qing elegant yulan flowers.

Hope spring, actually we are always ready, ready to meet its rich and happy, impatient, also constantly changing their clothes, constantly doing subtraction. So then Jane into spring, travel light, we have used to follow feeling, emphasis on individual life, but life is a kind of tide of subtraction: contracted household, contracted decorate, contracted style, contracted meals… Contracted, still life original vitality and fresh.


In spring, want to simply do a leaf, a piece only at the sky, as the sun will not be corrosion, can also look at the sky and the earth, and therefore could not regret short life, swing, wandering in the noise and vanity. The fast pace of life now gives us convenience, and it's hard to breathe because of the fast pace. To the sunshine, calm and calm let the fine wind blow me lightly. Toward the sun, leaves and roots have two distinct worlds, simple and wonderful, although light.



In every world, there is something you look at, think about, think about, and these things may be the life you want to live. But there is a magnificent life, and a breeze to live, but in the face of the endless life, we need to learn to be comfortable with the situation, with the scattered. This is Jane into life, able to sketch their itself, or of his own life, can well, through the crack of time, the past vaguely, so we in the mixed with saturated with the past light to pass through.



Therefore, in the years, we never have to deliberately, along the direction of the heart sketch, or splash ink. Return to the original true, are unique journey passing landscape, so after to see through some of the numerous and complicated and noise, also know their ability, ability, and no longer care about, but still not active, this is the simple nature.



Wanzi thousand red is always spring day, simply make a cup of tea, burn a fragrance, stick a spring flower, can share in the same sky the same pure, same blue. The spring day sits to watch the flowing water, feeling the bright and quiet time, compared with the hustle and bustle, contracted is a kind of eternity.


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